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           PACHO is a registered trade mark

          of SwissTIP SA.


SwissTIP SA is the sole owner of the patents protecting the intellectual property of

the PACHO system and its extensions.

Beroxa joined the company SwissTIP Ltd in order to pool their skills in the field of intellectual property and the management of IP rights and images and the creation of any brand and offer better services to their clients.

С радостью сообщаем о слиянии компаний Beroxa и SwissTIP Ltd, предпринятом с целью расширения компетенции в сфере интеллектуальной собственности, управлении правами ИС и на изображения, а также в сфере создания бренда.


Our Services 

 Our domain is the world of industry, innovative products and new technologies, therefore we strive to assist our clients in their strategic thinking, organizational development, and in managing complex projects.

 Through a personalized approach, with our recognized expertise, as well as our presence in Switzerland and in Asia, we assist clients in their recurring quest for performance and optimization through a wide range of pragmatic solutions. 

Complex project management

The size of some operational implementation projects, the scope of the area they cover, the presence of multiple stakeholders, and the strategic nature of certain challenges can require tailored project organization. Tailored project organization is characterized by breaking down the area being covered into several projects, which are then grouped together under one program.

The PACHOM® Project

Innovative technology for preventing collisions between man and machine on all types of site.
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